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Back to School - PART ONE

August 27, 2020 12 Noon - 3PM EST - 8PM GMT Please join us for an ASN: Discussion Do we agree that children are the world's greatest human resource? That education and learning is a lifelong essential for all? Covid-19 has poured accelerant on the need for change in many areas but none more so than education. It is also a time in which we can all genuinely admit, we don't know, and so can explore what is possible without fear of losing our professional standing. Understanding that we don't know is a powerful and positive stance that some may find uncomfortable but it is essential to understanding how to respond to this incredible period of real and meaningful change. It is also a time for full representation, full inclusion, 'nothing about us without us', has never been more true and necessary. Education has been disrupted in a way none of us could have imagined, this is an amazing time for everyone to be open, to listen, to join in, and to be present in creatin

Back to School - PART TWO

September 24, 2020 12 Noon - 3PM EST - 8PM GMT  Please join us for an ASN: Discussion Whether grade schools, higher education establishments or other life-long learning providers are ready, there is no doubt that the future of education will be very different. The disintermediation of education is here, new providers, new products, fewer borders and gatekeepers. Geography will no longer be an issue to accessing 'world-schooling', technology will enable us to imagine a world using rich immersive content, taking us to the middle of a human cell, gliding deep into the ocean, or being part of historical re-enactments presented by AI generated teachers. All of this is possible when we re-imagine learning. Let's make sure that what is designed fully encompasses everything that was good about traditional learning and not imagine an entirely digital education system, as was forced upon us during Covid-19, was all good, it wasn't. Being together, understanding nature, ex

Tech vs. Covid-19: What Threats And Opportunities For Democracy?

Wednesday 22nd July 2020  9:00 AM PST - 12PM EST - 5PM GMT Join this RSA Global event, hosted in partnership with the RSA’s Augmented Society Network, as we question technological responses to the pandemic and issues of data privacy, trust, transparency and accountability. Book your Ticket Around the world, governments are boosting high-tech surveillance capabilities to stem the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, technology companies and members of society they are meant to serve are contending with another threat – what the head of the World Health Organization has called an ‘infodemic’ of false information online. Mixed with the public’s growing push back on technology and our greater awakening to the personal data that continues to be mined, the opportunities to mitigate further disaster due to the pandemic through “Track and Trace” products are equally promising and challenging. Followed by: Thursday 23rd July 23, 2020 11:00 AM PST - 2PM EST - 7PM GMT  ASN:Discussion What

ASN:Podcast - PART THREE - Letting go and reforming a future built for change (49 mins)

Podcast hosted by: Jonathan Tavss FRSA and Zoe Camper FRSA (49 mins)  Listen to our June ASN:Podcast We will need our governments, NGOs, financial institutions, and everything to change, we will need to understand what we lose if we use current data and tech to fashion our new world, and how much you are willing to ‘let go’? We know disruption needs people who can imagine wholly different scenarios, combined with the ability to see opportunity where others might see difficulty. As already discussed, it all hangs in the balance, new ways to think, new skills, and a vastly changed view of the value of an up until now, old government system and bad-technology driven world. Where will you be? What will your work look like, and will you be able to recognize your position and value in the new and ever-changing world?