Back to School - PART TWO

September 24, 2020 12 Noon - 3PM EST - 8PM GMT 

Please join us for an ASN: Discussion

Whether grade schools, higher education establishments or other life-long learning providers are ready, there is no doubt that the future of education will be very different.

The disintermediation of education is here, new providers, new products, fewer borders and gatekeepers. Geography will no longer be an issue to accessing 'world-schooling', technology will enable us to imagine a world using rich immersive content, taking us to the middle of a human cell, gliding deep into the ocean, or being part of historical re-enactments presented by AI generated teachers. All of this is possible when we re-imagine learning.

Let's make sure that what is designed fully encompasses everything that was good about traditional learning and not imagine an entirely digital education system, as was forced upon us during Covid-19, was all good, it wasn't. Being together, understanding nature, experiencing everything to the full cannot be done without a deep understanding of how we learn and what we learn.

As the opportunities emerge we need to be consistent, inclusive, neurodiverse, and insistent that new and previously excluded voices are heard. We will also need to be mindful of new providers and stakeholders motivations and understand the true goal of giving our children the very best chance to thrive in a complex and challenging but incredibly exciting interdependent world.

Join us to discuss
  • The current education landscape, where does the money come from and what motivates the players?
  • Ensuring access for all and the importance of human centered design
  • Where the opportunities are for funding new initiatives
  • How to achieve an effective blend and delivery format 
  • Understand what technology is really good and bad at doing for learning
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