Tech vs. Covid-19: What Threats And Opportunities For Democracy?

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 
9:00 AM PST - 12PM EST - 5PM GMT

Join this RSA Global event, hosted in partnership with the RSA’s Augmented Society Network, as we question technological responses to the pandemic and issues of data privacy, trust, transparency and accountability.

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    Around the world, governments are boosting high-tech surveillance capabilities to stem the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, technology companies and members of society they are meant to serve are contending with another threat – what the head of the World Health Organization has called an ‘infodemic’ of false information online. Mixed with the public’s growing push back on technology and our greater awakening to the personal data that continues to be mined, the opportunities to mitigate further disaster due to the pandemic through “Track and Trace” products are equally promising and challenging.

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    Thursday 23rd July 23, 2020
    11:00 AM PST - 2PM EST - 7PM GMT 

    ASN:Discussion What Controls you?

    Following on from The RSA's global event on the emergence of Covid-19 surveillance products and the ASN three-part series on finding new ways to respond to, and work with rapid change, the conversation moves on to one of control. We want to understand how both technological and behavioral boundaries are established and applied to society as a whole both ordinarily, and in times of crisis. 
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