Exploration, collaboration and reflection on the future of human interaction with technology – with all its exciting and scary bits exposed. The network’s focus will begin with artificial intelligence, data manipulation and emerging augmentative technologies then flex as discussions unfold and lead to areas of important thinking around ethics, policy, bias and opportunity through their relation to society via communications, health, workforce, lifestyle, transportation and more.


  • To create an inspiring and safe place for collaborators and thinkers to explore the impact of augmentative technology on society and the environment.
  •  To generate real and virtual content that will inform, generate conversation, assist in the development of policy, and inspire others.
  • To implement experimental theoretical and real products and publications combining unlikely or disruptive sources to generate new and exciting thought, creativity and partnerships. 
  • To reflect RSA mission and strategic work to extend its influence and presence globally.

ASN: Founders

Jonathan Tavssberger FRSA

A world-renowned guide for those wishing to understand discourse on technology and its connection to societal change, Jonathan Tavssberger triggers organizational realignment to drive real impact. In addition to being Co-Founder and Director of Kaleidoko and a Professor for Boston University’s Masters in Media Ventures program, Jonathan is hired to address audiences around the world to educate and inspire. At his core, he is a connector – literally and figuratively – between the realities of today and the sustainable possibilities of tomorrow. Contact Jonathan

Zoë Camper FRSA

Zoë led the team that created the UK’s first AI driven health virtual assistant. Her passion is digital transformation, voice enablement and implementing effective AI strategies. She has spoken at many conferences including IBMThink about her AI work. She is currently developing easy-to-adopt artificial/augmented intelligence strategies for organisations who want to be ahead of the AI adoption curve. Zoe is a London native, has been a fellow since 2004 and currently lives in Fabulous Las Vegas. Contact Zoë


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