Constant change, fluid standards, and an ever evolving legislative environment are leading us down many different, and in some cases, conflicting paths. Join the Augmented Society Network to lift the lid on some of this century’s most important societal and technological challenges.

This network explores ideas, activity, and research, in an attempt to understand and influence the ways in which society is augmented now and into the future. We, as individuals and as connected networks, can and should have a greater impact on Society’s relationship with the technologies and systems we use - or are destined to use. Meant as an inclusive, considered and open forum to connect, explore and offer solutions, the network’s monthly virtual sessions have focused on subjects ranging from artificial intelligence to climate change, education, creativity, supply chains, values, and much more while leading to collaborative publications, policy guidance, global events and product development.

We welcome all members of society and are eager to make room at the table for provocative and enlightening discussions around what truly matters in our augmented world.


  • To create an inspiring and safe place for collaborators and thinkers to explore the impact of augmentative technology on society and the environment.
  •  To generate real and virtual content that will inform, generate conversation, assist in the development of policy, and inspire others.
  • To implement experimental theoretical and real products and publications combining unlikely or disruptive sources to generate new and exciting thought, creativity and partnerships. 
  • To reflect RSA mission and strategic work to extend its influence and presence globally.
  • The Augmented Society Network @ The RSA

Zoë Camper FRSA - Network lead and founding member

I am a practicing artist, founder, and CEO Zoë Camper LLC – my art and art-wear tech company. I Co-Founded the Augmented Society Network, and am an Elected Fellow of The RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture, and Commerce). I am a London native, but I currently live in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Everything starts with an idea and a pencil, and combining that with my love of technology makes my practice whole. I am at my happiest, at the intersection of art and technology and have worked with AI, and use cryptography to track and manage my art and art-wear. 

I taught, for many years, at the BBC Academy, and hold a Post Graduate Cert of Education in Design Technology as well as Hons Degree in 3D Design.  Contact Zoë

Julie Samuels FRSA - Network lead

Julie Samuels has extensive experience lecturing and leading degree courses in digital media as well as corporate training for FDM Group Plc., and the BBC Academy. She holds a BA Hons in Visual and Performing Art, an MA in Fine Art, a Post Graduate Diploma in European Digital Media, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning, and a Master of Philosophy research degree. She has presented her research at conferences in the UK and internationally. Julie is the author of Adoption in the Digital Age: Opportunities and Challenges for the 21st Century. Her primary research interest is within the field of social sciences, examining the transformation of the field of adoption due to the Internet. Other research interests include digital art, narrative/oral storytelling, neurodiversity, and AI. Julie is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Lincoln, International Business, UK. Contact Julie