Back to School - PART ONE

August 27, 2020 12 Noon - 3PM EST - 8PM GMT

Please join us for an ASN: Discussion

Do we agree that children are the world's greatest human resource? That education and learning is a lifelong essential for all? Covid-19 has poured accelerant on the need for change in many areas but none more so than education.

It is also a time in which we can all genuinely admit, we don't know, and so can explore what is possible without fear of losing our professional standing. Understanding that we don't know is a powerful and positive stance that some may find uncomfortable but it is essential to understanding how to respond to this incredible period of real and meaningful change. It is also a time for full representation, full inclusion, 'nothing about us without us', has never been more true and necessary.

Education has been disrupted in a way none of us could have imagined, this is an amazing time for everyone to be open, to listen, to join in, and to be present in creating the very best opportunities for children, life-longer learners, and the curious the world over.

This session concentrates on re-imagining and reforming what is possible in education in terms of theory, content, curriculum, and who must be engaged. Join us for session two in September when we will take the conversation further into how education is delivered, by who and how do we ensure all learning delivery models including real world and digital are used to access a new reimagined learning universe.

Join us to discuss
  • Turning learning on its head, where would you start?
  • What are the roles of International, federal, state, local, institutions, citizens and parents, companies, and funders/investors in making and paying for changes?
  • How do we ensure everyone is at the table and involved in this moment of opportunity? 
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