Event: What controls you?

July 23, 2020 11:00 AM - 2PM EST - 7PM GMT

Please join us for an ASN: Discussion

Following on from The RSA's global event on the emergence of Covid-19 surveillance products and the ASN three-part series on finding new ways to respond to, and work with rapid change, the conversation moves on to one of control. We want to understand how both technological and behavioral boundaries are established and applied to society as a whole both ordinarily, and in times of crisis.

The use of track and trace apps and contact systems have been deployed across the world with varying levels of success, South Korea – OK, UK - terrible. Suggesting that “there’s an app for that” might have met its match. Are apps the only solution to fixing very human problems?

Is there a magic bullet and does that lie in the hands of app developers, government policy architects, data scientists, spin doctors or just plain “us”? Who can we trust? Do we even need to trust? Before assessing solutions, we need to explore the elusive definitions, data sets, desired algorithms and even who we’re actually looking to support and from where…

In a world that sprints to find technological solutions without considering the repercussions, join us to take a breath and see what light we can shine on a meaningful path forward.

Join us to discuss
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