Virtually There or There Virtually? Are we still waiting for the Virtual World?

Nov 21, 2019 11:00 AM – 12 noon PST

Please join us for an ASN: Discussion

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality worlds (V/A/XR) are coming, but progress is truly incremental. If virtual is meant to augment our lives positively, what are we looking for? What are the deeper issues and what have we been missing all along?

It has only been about 2,350 years since humans gained the belief the world was round through Aristotle, and only fifty-ish years since American computer scientist Ivan Sutherland described an all-senses 3D digital world.

When will humanity engage deeper than our flat, screen-based digital experience, and live within these incredible and promising other worlds? Or, are we not already doing so without recognizing it?

Join us to discuss:
  • What is good in the virtual reality world
  • How can it be truly augmentative?
  • Worlds and spaces that are ripe for development
  • Codes of conduct and behaviour in a virtual setting
Zoom meeting:

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