ASN:Podcast - Disruption, Disintermediation, disconnecting; is the world falling together? (40 mins)

Podcast with Jonathan Tavss FRSA, Mitchell Weisburgh FRSA, Maurice Ward FRSA,
Wayne Wallace and Zoe Camper FRSA (40 mins)

People are coming together to work, play and share information, but increasingly on very different terms. We see opportunity and new forms of sharing taking shape, peer-to-peer decentralised networks, individuals taking responsibility for their own data security, and different more eco-friendly ways of using power. But what is emerging, and is it ‘good’?

Listen to our October ASN:Podcast
  • Owning your own data and understanding where to place your trust.
  • Seeing new measures of value emerging
  • The demise of the Internet as we know it
  • The re-emergence of distributed decentralised business models

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