ASN:Podcast - The unfinished fable of the sparrows (47 mins)

Podcast with Mitchell Weisburgh FRSA, Daryl Gibson,
Wayne Wallace and Zoe Camper FRSA (47 mins)

Much like The Unfinished Fable of the Sparrows raises this dilemma without providing an answer; how do we carry forward new paradigms, and forces of change, while not being overburdened with solving unknown variables AND be socially responsible.

Listen to our September ASN:Podcast
  • Preparing ourselves and our organizations to advance intelligently.
  • Factors weighing on our requirement for iteration, and the management of forthcoming questions and concerns.
  • Superintelligence, Funding, Societal Adoption, Technologies, etc.
  • Examples of society-changing technologies that relied on the ability to deliver upon the above.
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