Event: Disruption, Disintermediation, disconnecting; is the world falling together?

Oct 24, 2019 11:00 AM – 12 noon PST

Please join us for an ASN: Discussion

People are coming together to work, play and share information, but increasingly on very different terms. We see opportunity and new forms of sharing taking shape, peer-to-peer decentralised networks, individuals taking responsibility for their own data security, and different more eco-friendly ways of using power. But what is emerging and is it ‘good’?

The Internet’s underlying protocols (TCP/IP) were designed to decentralise sharing and to get information to its destination, come what may, nuclear war, dictators overthrown; it was supposed to be the ultimate Pony Express. But the very success of the Internet is now threatening its existence. Countries are looking inward, political unions breaking apart and long-time established powers faltering.

So this is truly a time of opportunity to make technology in a form that respects individuals rights to privacy and one that is built with the welfare of the planet, and redistribution of wealth included in the equation.

Join us to discuss:
  • Owning your own data and understanding where to place your trust.
  • Seeing new measures of value emerging
  • The demise of the Internet as we know it
  • The re-emergence of distributed decentralised business models

Meet some of the ASN Members:
We look forward to seeing you!

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