20th April 2023 – Futurism as a tool to feel more creative and innovative

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Normally, in our experience, people don’t think they are ‘very creative’. Only artists and marketing agencies, to name a few, think they ‘are’ creative. We want to change that, or at least give a moment to you to think that it is possible to ‘think outside of the box’. 

 Yes, you will need to maintain that belief the next day, and DO something to maintain that belief and empowering sensation that YOU truly are creative. We want to unlock your creative potential, to actualize it. This is condensed introduction to using Sci.Fi. D.I., (Science Fiction Design Intelligence) developed by Singularity University. 

This introductory workshop is an hour of joyful and mind-challenging moment where you will push your mind and soul to imagine a future in year 2057. We are also looking to recruit people for a full 2 hour workshop, at a later date, as part of the ASN’s ‘Creativity offers us a new formula for life project’. 

Register in advance

Session detail 

  • 20 mins - Carlos will introduce ‘Sci.Fi. D.I’ 
  • 10 mins Q&A 
  • 20 mins - participants will experience Sci.Fi. D.I as an exciting way of unleashing their otherwise untapped creativity 

Join us to: 

  • Learn about Sci.Fi. D.I to release your creative self 
  • Work on a draft vision, using social futurology 
  • Give you a stronger sense that you can be authentic, creative 

Session Lead - Carlos Largacha-Martinez, Ph.D., TEDx, FRSA Quantic humanist and social futurist. Visiting Research Fellow by Fulbright-MinCiencias-Areandina 

Register in advance


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