16th March 2023 - Join us and play ‘The Decision Making Game’

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Can you use games to improve brainstorming, collaborative, and critical thinking skills? In the game, you play one of 7 different roles, serfs living in a small village in the year 1023. 

There are dangers that threaten the lives of all who live in the village, as well as opportunities to improve the living standards of some or perhaps all residents. Players are part of teams that have to come up with a solution to the problem. For each problem, each team receives instructions on how to conduct their meeting, and thus are exposed to the 9 different strategies. 

Through experiential learning, discussion, and reflection, players will hone their ability to innovate and reach constructive decisions with a group. And have a lot of fun. 

This is a condensed introduction to using MindShifting, through working together and applying strategies you will discover new ways to interpret your own, more contemporary approaches to problem solving. 

We are also looking to recruit people for a full 3 hour workshop, at a later date, as part of the ASN’s ‘Creativity offers us a new formula for life project’. 

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 Session detail 

  • 20 mins - Mitch will explain ‘The Decision Making Game’ 
  • 10 mins Q&A 
  • 20 mins - participants will try solving a contemporary problem using 1 or more of the collaborative decision making tactics from the game 

Join us to discuss 

  • Thinking outside the box. Listen to others. Compromise 
  • Making the discussion process more equitable and positive 
  • Finding group support for decisions 
  • Compromise and flexibility 

Session Lead - Mitch weisburgh US COO at 3DBear works directly with educators teaching students to tap into their resourcefulness. By learning how to mindshift, teachers and students hone their abilities to be creative, persist, think critically, and to collaborate with others. 

Register in advance


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