November 17th, 2022 - Flourishing communities with a neurodiverse / hidden disability foundation

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

We live in a world where we are generally unaware of other people’s real needs particularly when it’s a hidden disability. Understanding that neurodiversity is the norm and not a form of ‘other’ is essential to building successful and accessible communities in urban/city landscapes. 

Understanding the needs of diverse communities and allowing those communities to be heard by ensuring that it is their voices that are at the forefront of decision-making will enable us to build something spectacular for everyone. We are all different. We all have different stories. Our stories, when written collaboratively, will create inclusive environments for us by creating spaces we will feel we belong in. 

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 Join us to discuss: 

  • Creating/building new inclusive spaces/places that are accessible to people with hidden disabilities 
  • How can we create environments in which people can be their authentic selves? 
  • Adapting/retrofitting work/home environments for hidden disabilities 

Register in advance

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