ASN: February Podcast - The Scorched Battlefield of Aesthetics and Health (45 mins)

Whether discussing humans, products, companies or governments, the debate between serving acceptable perceptions or addressing sustainable health rages on. It doesn’t really matter if we’re discussing financial policy, costs of goods and services, long-term health treatments or disaster responses, we often lean heavily on how things will look. As we move deeper into the 21st century, the need to examine the true costs is coming deeper into focus.

  • Illustrative examples where we’ve gone too far in either direction of Aesthetic or Health at the absolute cost of the other.
  • The telltale signs of inherent biases/perspectives/control that inhibit members of society from making the best choices and why they were put in place.
  • Ways in which we might lead to ways in which to provide transparency and/or offer the best of both worlds when faced with decisions between how things look and how they truly feel into the future.


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