21st April 2022 ASN: Discussion - A Collection of creative experiences

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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In 2021 The Augmented Society Network published the ‘An opportunity to re-imagine learning’ white paper. In 2022 we are launching a new project to reconsider what creativity is and means to us all in a world where it’s importance and usefulness is increasingly not seen or valued. 

‘If we had a choice, what would the future look like?’ asked the British scientist Stuart Russell OBE while discussing ‘The biggest event in human history’ as part of The BBC Reith Lectures in December 2021. Will the biggest event in human history be the moment we all begin to think about the future we want, and what our real purpose is? Knowing what we want is one of the hardest things to achieve, and knowing how to lead a fulfilled life, is even harder, so we wander on without understanding our purpose, with an element of self-determination, and in a world that has devalued creativity which is key to us being able to finding our purpose. 

The creation of desire and meaning has, since the 19th century, been placed on things, objects, and physical ownership. Has it made you happy, probably in small measures, but now is the time to look more deeply into the world we have created, and think about what really matters. Our future is in our hands, let’s begin to imagine a future where creativity is present in everything we do, and purpose is our driving thought. 

We have a small team working across the world to bring ideas together, this is going to be a worldwide effort, so please join us to help create a future currently unimagined, and so needed, to help us lead fulfilling lives based on our desire to be creative, and have meaning. Let creativity reign, and let’s build a future built upon it. 

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 Join us to discuss: 

  • How to get involved and shape this wonderful project 
  • Reevaluating creativity and its role in our lives 
  • Why innate creativity is being lost, and how to put it back at the center of all our experiences in a fully inclusive way 
  • Understanding current value structures for defining what creative is and expanding its meaning in new and different contexts 

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