21st April 2022 ASN: Discussion - Creativity offers us a new formula for life

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Join us to help shape the Creativity offers us a new formula for life project.

The project provides the opportunity to rethink the importance of creativity by eliciting on our individual creative experiences & through learning from others. This project will bring the diverse expression of creativity together in one simultaneous online event & exhibition. Having worked on a previous project that stretched across five continents, we will be using the same framework & network of people to explore & create in depth examples of the lived experience of lives enriched by creativity. Individuals will be encouraged to create diaries, stories, interactive online & real world creative experiences based on what is important to them, how they use creativity to make a difference to themselves, society & their community. The true value of creativity will be demonstrated via a showcase of the diverse responses that we collate.

The interactive stories and experiences will come together as a simultaneous live online & real world event. The interactive event will be recorded, the physical artefacts will be collected & recorded in a concertina-style book that will be displayed at RSA House and exhibition also at RSA House.

Register in advance

 Join us to discuss: 

  • How to get involved and shape this wonderful project 
  • Reevaluating creativity and its role in our lives 
  • Why innate creativity is being lost, and how to put it back at the center of all our experiences in a fully inclusive way 
  • Understanding current value structures for defining what creative is and expanding its meaning in new and different contexts 

Register in advance


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