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ASN: January Podcast - Blockchain Evolution (47 mins)

While Cryptocurrencies and the dark web were the early poster children of blockchain, there is far more potential to be developed and put into action. Many progressive uses are being devised and implemented under the radar that will supply huge positive impacts on all of society. If only we can bear with the disruption…

17th March ASN: Discussion - Destination: Positive Change

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK Register in advance Join us in our pursuit of a meaningful ASN program in 2022. We are embarking on a journey of discovery with the constant destination of positive change.  We have identified so many key themes for this year’s sessions, including,  the importance of understanding and embracing difference and how it helps us to see beyond our own bias; inequalities experienced by many and how it impacts lives;  imagining a future when humans can no longer sustain life on Earth;  the impact of climate change and the potential use of technologies in slowing down its effects;  the role of social media in discussions about gender, race, and identity;  understanding why we look to technology to fix human-made problems we don’t want to accept responsibility for;  and the use of technology for immoral and/or unethical gain.  The list is huge and all of the topics are relevant, so the ASN invites you to join us on our journey of discovery and share your thoughts, e

ASN:December Podcast - Looking Backward/Forward... You Ready?! (53 mins)

  Arriving at the end of another astounding year which no one could have predicted, shall we have a go at recapping the past year and looking forward to the future? We’re still attempting to make sense of the known unknowns, the known knowns and the unknown unknowns, but nothing screams Holiday Season like a gathering of diverse, intelligent, creative and inquisitive people to tee off the dive down the rabbit hole.