JULY ASN: Discussion – Beyond Systems… Being and belonging


15th July, 2021 11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Most left-handed people appreciate the fact that only ‘Left-Handed Scissors’ work effectively regardless of how you hold them, yet right-handed people are generally unaware that ‘regular’ scissors are clumsy for a large percentage of the population. 

There’s hundreds of other examples of similar issues with varied impact, so what can be done to facilitate growth in awareness for those issues commonly considered to be experienced by a minority? June’s session focused on ‘drive to inclusion’ with an exploration into systems aiming to overcome exclusion and disenfranchisement. 

While much work is yet to be done, how can we best position ourselves individually to not reinforce the ingrained obstacles (internally and externally) that appear even when the best intentions and technologies are in play? There’s no hiding from the intrinsic and systematic tripping points that have been placed over the past few decades/centuries/millennia. In this conversation, we turn the tables and ask, ‘how do you show up?’ 

‘How are you driving inclusion in your life?’ Explore what it means to belong and thrive in a place where you appear to be an outsider. We all want to do better and understand where our biases leave us in the dark, and have a negative impact on others. How do we personally seek to make a change and leverage systems/technologies to build that more inclusive future? 

Join us to discuss 

  • Being present and understanding privilege, and what we bring when connecting to others. 
  • How we can design for inclusion by default. 
  • How to develop empathy and an appreciation of those unexpected experiences that enable us to avoid exclusion.

Register in advance for this Event


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