Resourcing Change – PART ONE

21st January , 2021 11am LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK 

Our final pandemic two-part series, Resourcing Change looks at the impact of unexpected and rapid change on society, its impact on supply chains, and our ability to source the things we need. 

The pandemic brought panic buying and stress to product supply-chains, but also fantastic examples of thinking differently as people and businesses prepared for the unknown. While panic buying truly helped no one (other than those who already had the resources to survive) it called into question our reliance on complex internationalized import/export product and production supply chains. 

Some thinking says local is best and that we must lessen our reliance on complex manufacturing and delivery mechanisms, but: there are some resources that are better grown or built abroad; there are some solutions that just need a change in the way we think to make them more resilient and sustainable; and, there are some applications of technology that could actually increase our collective agility. 

What can we learn from our pandemic experience? Can understanding a product’s life cycle from conception, to market, to throwing it away, help to build a more flexible and creative way of dealing with sudden fluctuations in supply and demand? And, surely now is the time, to champion great technological solutions? 

Join us to discuss: 
  • Is thinking differently all we need, to do better in times of crisis? 
  • What did we learn about strengths and weaknesses from our ordeals, and how should we, and will we, adapt and change? 
  • How we can build community and business resilience amidst changing patterns and availability. 
  • What technology, The Internet of Things(IoT), Blockchain, and others are bringing to the conversation.
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