Reassessing Value - PART TWO

3rd December, 2020 12 Noon LA / 3PM NY / 8PM UK

Please join us for an ASN: Discussion

Continuing our conversation from October’s Part One of this ASN series and our collaboration since, we seek to refine and codify our collective recommendations/guidance on re-configuring society’s relationship with Value.

Throughout, we are committed to include diverse views in identifying new or existing systems and theories that can accelerate fair measurement and divestment of value and wealth. The outcome of this discourse and onward collaboration is the publication of a whitepaper in alignment with the Augmented Society Network’s drive to bring into focus solutions and opportunities resulting from these epic, challenging and unusual times. 

Join us in Part Two to discuss: 

  • Changes we can promote within economic and social systems to reflect differences in geography, opportunity and access within society 
  • Tools for better measuring value and wealth 
  • Recommendations for accelerating adoption plus the reviewing and refining of forthcoming change within society 
  • Follow-on steps to join ASN Sandbox to develop and publish the White Paper on Reassessing Value in early 2021. 
  • Join the Zoom Event
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