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PART TWO - Unpacking conversations about our new world and looking at technology’s place within it.

May 28, 2020 11:00 AM – 12 noon PST  Please join us for an ASN: Discussion Following on from our discussion last month we will review our thinking, and consider areas of useful work. As already discussed, we’ve got a difficult, but equally promising road ahead, as we begin to come to terms with our ability to live and work together. Having time to think and talk will be essential in remaining grounded and effective. We have already learned so much about the way we think and behave. We are asking questions of our governments, NGOs, financial institutions, and seeing, in action, the lack of equality of opportunity. We will continue to investigate this enormous disruption, see it as an opportunity, and listen carefully to find an ‘emerging future’. Together we can develop ways forward that individually might be harder to see. As we know, disruption needs people who can imagine wholly different outcomes, to join those who are already in the business of driving change. It all hang

PART THREE - Letting go and reforming a future built for change.

June 25, 2020 11:00 AM – 12 noon  Please join us for an ASN: Discussion Online Event - Join here Following on from our discussions over the last three months we will review and conclude our three-part series on disruption. We will begin by recapping on our two previous discussions and define ways in which we can move forward with a greater understanding of global disruption. We will understand more as our world emerges, or not, from the Covid-19 pandemic. Walking the more promising road will require us to be agile, and understand that risk management will play a much larger role in all our lives. Do we lean into technology and leave our damaged world behind as in a future envision in the book ‘Ready Player One’ (Ernest Cline, 2011), or one of the many other dystopian views of our world, or do we break away and embrace the new, and return to a more needs-driven, and considered use of technology. Technology that really works, and critically works for everyone. We will need our g

ASN:Podcast - AI & ART – Turning Binary Into Beauty (38 mins)

Podcast hosted by: Jonathan Tavss FRSA and Zoe Camper FRSA (38 mins) Artists have maintained the role of shining a light on what is truly going on in our world for eons. Some say that this mantle can and will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. But, as there have always been biases within the artists’ works and the viewers of those works, the concerns of bias within Artificial is always discussed but seemingly never addressed deeply enough. What happens when the two meet? Listen to our March ASN:Podcast What we can learn from artists visualizations of technology’s impact on humanity. Can we reveal the deep joy of artistic expression and apply it to our own understanding. Are the artists right, and can they save us all?