Zoë Camper FRSA

Title: The Best Friends

I use portraiture to make connections with friends, acquaintances, and sitters. I use the connection I make when interacting with sitters to talk about ownership in what is an increasingly complex world where your image has been claimed by many agencies, including, for example, law enforcement, border control, and in many public spaces. I use cryptographic hashing to state ownership in the portraits and share ownership with the sitter by giving them the digital image. Each sitter has a portrait drawn and has a share in the ownership of a large-scale satin banner that will be displayed at an exhibition in the USA in March 2024. All owners and sales information is also recorded using encryption and the blockchain.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Creative Experience 

Creativity and making has been a key activity from an early age. I do read, I love reading, but my default state is to draw, and to make. I think visually, not numbers or words, or with a view to create order. I create the world I am happy in and want to express that visually for others to enjoy. Visual excitement, celebrating difference, and personal expression, are fundamental human experiences and I promote a world where it is available in abundance.

Biography and links

Practicing artist, founder, and CEO Zoë Camper LLC - a Slow Fashion, limited-edition art-wear tech company. Co-Founder of The Augmented Society Network, and Elected Fellow of The RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture, and Commerce). You will find me at my happiest, at the intersection of art and technology. I led the team that created the UK’s first AI-driven health virtual assistant, and have spoken at many conferences including IBMThink about my AI and digital work. I also taught, for many years, at the BBC Academy, and hold a Post Graduate Cert of Education in Design Technology as well as a Hons Degree in 3D Design. I am a London native, but I currently live in Fabulous Las Vegas.