Sven Norris

Title: Cristala Creations – Explorations in Design

Cristala Creations is a creative project showcasing handmade accessories, bags, and custom clothing by Cristina Baysac Norris. With a passion for design, upcycling, and fashion, Cristina endeavors to offer a unique blend of her Filipino cultural heritage and contemporary fashion.  Another goal of this project is to establish a social media presence for Cristala Creations which will be handled by Cristina’s husband, Sven.

Sven J. Norris and Cristina Baysac Norris have worked collaboratively on this project.

Location: UK; Philippines; Singapore, Malta

Creative Experience 

When I first met Cristina, I was soon made aware of her creative tendencies when an old pair of my jeans disappeared and re-emerged on one of our early dates as a handbag. Since then I have been trying to encourage Cristina to nurture this particular skill which I later learned could be categorised under ‘upcycling’. When Julie (Samuels) told me about this project, and after discussions with Cristina, I realized that this was the ideal time to showcase Cristala Creations in digital format.

Biography and links

Sven J Norris has worked in the design industry since 2000 at various companies and agencies as well as independently. He has worked in the fields of 3D visualization, web development, print, and UI/UX. In addition, he has also accumulated 17 years in higher education, most recently as a member of the faculty for 15 years at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.