Sven Norris FRSA

Title: Regenesis

Every sentient being expresses themselves in various ways, some of which are subconscious and I believe that creativity in any form (eg art, music or dance) are an expression of a person's essence materialised in another form. It has been 25 years since I have drawn these kinds of abstract patterns. In doing so, I now realise that they reveal themselves as a sort of self-therapy or mindfulness as I am doing them, a kind of meditation if you will. I see this "Regenesis" of my abstract work as an alpha version and I hope to continue developing this project further. To begin with, I have given each of these canvases an Augmented Reality treatment in order to bring them to life with a mobile application that is in development at the time of this exhibition.

 Location: UK; Singapore; Malta  

Creative Experience 

There is a sort of therapeutic freedom that comes with drawing that I do not get with digital work which makes up 95% of my usual working life. Creating the "Regenesis" piece for this project has taken me back to 1997 which was the last time I drew in this style (apart from the occasional doodle on a napkin). I have no explanation as to why I stopped but I suspect it was due to focus on my undergraduate degree as well as a newly found passion for HTML and dabbling online building websites in Yahoo Geocities. I have thoroughly enjoyed returning to drawing in this style and am also finally realising an earlier goal of integrating it into 3D. I see "Regenesis" as an alpha version rather than a finished work and I hope to continue developing this project further, as well as creating more traditional 2D versions on paper in pencil, ink or other mediums.

Biography and links 

Sven has worked in the creative industry since 2000 at various companies and agencies as well as independently as a freelancer, working in the fields of 3D visualisation, web development, print, and UI/UX. In addition, he has also accumulated 18 years in higher education, Up until 2022, he was a member of faculty for 16 years at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore but is now back in industry as a full-time designer.

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