Sophie Lavender

Title: Tassels Off 

The project explores burlesque as a tool to drive, challenge, change, and promote positive body image using new and emerging technologies. Holding a magnifying glass to how and why the burlesque community is one of the world's most exciting and successful in societies approaches to body positivity, and what wider society can learn from them to improve the lives of everyone. Also see Buttercup

Location: Lincolnshire, UK 

Creative Experience 

Being creative feeds my soul and nourishes all the fibers in my heart. To be creative means finding joy in all the little things, and falling in love over and over again. Creativity gives life wonder, magic, connection, and meaning. When developing this project, I got the opportunity to do new things with my camera and then at the editing desk. 

Because of this project, I have been able to expand my capabilities and produce something which will light a spark in people, that will lead to them being kinder to themselves. When people see their photos, they radiate sunlight. It’s a feeling you want to bottle up and take with you everywhere, and to be able to show others how wonderful they are makes being a photographer incredibly fulfilling. The importance of creativity must never be underestimated, imagine a world where we couldn't share ideas and express ourselves? 

Biography and links 

Sophie Lavender is all about capturing magic and making memories last forever. 26-year-old Lincoln-based expert in making others shine (and getting your best side). Photographer with over 5 years of experience shooting everyone and everything from faraway places, prestige events, TED talks, fabulous folks, and gigs for notable artists such as Scott Mills and Jedward. My goals are to document the world through my lens as an autistic and ADHD lesbian woman. Not only a photographer, but an all-round “creative wizard” (nicknamed by friends) who writes all sorts from pantos to radio shows, is a poet, stand-up comedian, has made films, a TEDxBrayfordPool Alumni with a talk on autism, and a multi-instrumentalist recently trying to learn guitar.

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