Sapira Cheuk

Title: Body and Time 

Artworks that explore embodied knowledge, of ways of knowing and learning through the body. 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

Creative Experience 

My creative practice is a way for me to explore and interpret my lived experience. I often paint without a clear intention, letting my body take the lead. It is only afterward that I understand the ways in which the painting encapsulates how my body attempts to make sense of certain events. My physical self possesses an unarticulated wisdom, a reservoir of embodied knowledge that I uncover through the analysis of my paintings. This process hints at a knowing that transcends my conscious thoughts. Through my creative practice, I unpack and translate this way of understanding, offering a deeper comprehension of my engagement with the world. 

Biography and links 

Sapira Cheuk is an ink painter and installation artist. Cheuk has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including those at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Center for Contemporary Art Texas, Masur Museum, The Neutra Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, and Rochester Contemporary Art Museum. Cheuk works for the Nevada Arts Council, serves as the Art Editor for the museum of americana, and teaches at the College of Southern Nevada. She received her MFA from California State University, San Bernardino.

Exhibition / Gallery