Carlos Largacha-Martinez Futurist FRSA

Title: Using Sci-Fi D.I. for Expanding Creative Self-Images 

Exploration of Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence-HCAI powered by Sci-Fi-D.I. Carlos will be working with his degree students to produce graphics visualizing potential futures 50 years away.

Location: Bogota, Colombia, South America

Creative Experience 

The concept revolves around expanding and enriching one's perception and understanding of their own creativity. Our experience highlights that 'non-creative professionals' often possess a notably limited sense of creativity, a societal concern we are dedicated to remedying. Utilizing Singularity University's methodology, Science Fiction Design Intelligence (Sci-Fi D.I.), workshop participants are prompted to foster innovative thinking by envisioning an inspiring future in 2060. This exercise challenges cognitive boundaries, leading to a pioneering creative process. The approach nurtures a mindset where individuals perceive themselves as capable and imaginative across various facets of life. This involves challenging self-limiting beliefs, exploring novel creative avenues, and cultivating a positive self-view in harmony with creative expression. Ultimately, the goal is to empower individuals, enhancing their grasp of creative potential and pushing the boundaries of creative achievement. Drawing on three years of prior 2-hour Sci-Fi D.I. workshops, participants typically conclude with an elevated self-perception of their creative prowess.

Biography and links 

Social futurologist and Quantic humanist specialising in crafting and advancing social innovations through the marriage of quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence. Carlos asserts that societal authenticity is pivotal for heightened humanity, particularly within workplaces. At the helm of the startup ‘FlourishingAi,’ he pioneers the fusion of humanistic management and natural language processing (NLP), aiding businesses in embracing purpose and amplifying human well-being. Esteemed as a consultant awarded by HBR/McKinsey M-Prize, TEDx speaker, quantum coach, and B-Corps devotee. Carlos is the Colombian Co-Creator for the Swedish global endeavor ‘Inner Development Goals-IDG’ and a researcher at the University Areandina (Colombia). Holder of dual Ph.D. degrees in International Studies and Quantum Sociology, plus a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow from the University of Miami.

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