Phnesha Marchette Jefferson FRSA

Title: Mankind vs. Mankind 

A collaborative project with my two daughters resulted from a conversation about whether Artificial Intelligence harms mankind. Initially, Phnesha was going to approach this project as a solo artist. However, a conversation with her two daughters prompted her to realize the importance of having different perspectives. When they had a simple conversation during a car ride, Phnesha knew this had to be the best direction to take this creative project. The outcome was very interesting given how each generation views issues through their own lens. This is a Generation X and Z collaborator. This has been a collaboration between Phnesha Marchette with Gabrielle and Gianna Dixon 

Location: Manhattan Beach, California, USA 

Creative Experience 

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Biography and links 

Phnesha is a CEO, artist, and children’s author. After her first successful solo exhibit in 2014, she shifted her attention to completing a passion project with her two young daughters, Gabrielle and Gianna. In 2016, the threesome published the first Gabby and Gigi book series book. Three years later, books two and three of the series were published. They have worked as a team developing storylines, and cover concepts and even designed and launched Gabby and Gigi plush dolls in 2021. They are Reading is Fundamental of Southern California contributing authors and the recipients of a Gold Mom’s Choice Award.