Nancy Good

Title: A2D2A (Analog to Digital to Analog) Art

Faced with creative culture being tipped more towards AI and digital tools, I am creating a series of linocut portraits that weave analog tools with AI (digital) to generate images that I then transfer and hand cut onto linoleum sheets for hand-pulled prints (analog).

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Creative Experience 

My personal discomfort with the potential for misuse of AI has transformed to the understanding that AI, on its own, is not the source of misuse. Rather, human agenda is the origin. By changing my agenda to be one of collaborative appreciation, I can work with the strengths of AI to co-create portraits (originally sourced from my own photographs and text input) that I then bring back to “hand-craft” or analog print techniques.

Biography and links

Influenced by synesthesia and her diverse DNA, Good's work weaves materials and tools of modern times with ancient mark-making. Published and award-winning, Good’s work is exhibited across the country and internationally, in venues like Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art (UNLV), Doyle Arts Pavilion in Costa Mesa, San Diego Museum of Art, Reno/Tahoe International Airport, Meow Wolf Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip, St. Mary's Arts Center, HERE Arts and Superchief Gallery in NYC, Nashville International Airport, Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau, Burning Man, Life is Beautiful Festival and galleries in the Southeast, New York, Montana, Nevada and California. Her work is also found in important collections throughout the U.S. and overseas. Good has received four Congressional Commendations for her artistic contributions, and has been inducted into the National Association of Women Artists, a 134-year old professional arts organization.