Michelle Graves

Title: Prolifics in Resistance (to make a picture frame) 

 For this project, I am revisiting a previously explored term “resistance.” I looked for resistance in the mundane - why do I feel so much resistance? I researched the physicality of resistance in magnets, broke it down to the quantum level where resistance dissipates, and found the potential for change. This revisit is called Prolifics in Resistance where I generated a quantity of AI images with the prompt “resistance to making a picture frame” and "resistance to let customer service win" among others. The subtle variance images were then sequenced to create morphing still lifes. While confronting these resistances I experienced the embodiment of the conclusion as before. 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

Creative Experience 

Prolifics in Resistance became the confrontation to resistances as I repeated the prompts generating image after image. My thoughts and mood shifted as I realized I was making (a version) of what I was resisting to make. I had also completely shifted my infuriated mood using another prompt after a generated image gave me a nice giggle. I embodied my previous conclusion - when looking for or directly at resistance, I found the potential for change. I do not know life without creativity but if I had to categorize my conscious experience, I would say there is plenty of over-analyzation, extreme exertion, quiet observation, insatiable curiosity, and a longing for validation that keeps me within the opinionated range of the public eye. I am grateful that creativity has been encouraged my entire life by my parents and extended family and friends I surround myself with. As I have evolved as an artist while exploring relationships and occupational roles, I now consider my art-making practice my true lifelong unconditional relationship. 

Biography and links 

Interdisciplinary artist Michelle Graves received her BFA in Photography from Indiana University (2003) and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago (2012). She thrived as a working artist, curator, and teacher in Chicago from 2004 - 2020 then began a new life exploring Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2021. Graves’ interdisciplinary and existential art practice involves intersecting science and consciousness by breaking down its essence, finding patterns across disciplines, and forming a conclusion of sorts. She analyzes and embodies themes including quantum physics and time, gun violence, breath/breathing, and resistance among other topics. In both large and small scales, she works with but is not limited to painting, drawing, abstract videos and documentation, sculpture, installation, and zine formats. 



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