Marina Moreno

Title: Water Identity - the way to meditation

The Way to Meditation Going back to the very beginning of my practice: I started my creative journey as a photographer. My photographs always seem to tell a story and in this project, they reflect a time in my life that has been quite difficult. They tell my story in this particular time and the way I have coped. It gave me a chance to capture a moment, a moment of creativity, a moment of visual poetry and calm. Those stills are a moment in time, they also represent my identity and the way I have always looked at my town: Others experience it through the glamour it represents but for me, it has always been the water, the sound of the water, the smell, the stillness and the movement in it. 

I was looking after my 90-year-old aunt who suffers from dementia and had been in hospital for almost 5 months after she fell on her head. And there I was jumping on the first plane, and suddenly leaving all my work and project and being submersed by hospital life. There was no time to carry on with my work, but one day I came out of the hospital late in the evening as usual and there it was: a beautiful sunset. I took a picture, and I continued to do so every day. I found my creativity and this new project began.

 Location: Venice, Italy; Bristol, UK 

Creative Experience 

I strive to provide intimacy through one-to-one dialogues and meaningful connections with the larger community through engaging projects. It is like a lace formed by different patterns and textures where threads are unique voices of different people intertwined together to create a shared response. Often the pattern starts with a particular colour or material, as we connect and collaborate, new colours appear that none of us have foreseen. 

Biography and links 

Marina Moreno is an interdisciplinary British/Italian/Hispanic artist and performer working internationally as an artist, curator, producer, and educator. Her use of media ranges from Installation, Live Art, Video, Sculpture, Photography, Film, Dance, and Theatre. She creates innovative collaborative and public work, visually stunning with clear artistic strategy and sustainable development plans connecting the local to the global, providing opportunities for people to collaborate in finding positive ways forward. Marina’s work has been shown internationally, most notably at: the 57th Venice Biennale, Tate Liverpool, South Bank Centre, Yan Huang Museum Beijing, Arnolfini, Yokohama Design LabsJapan; ExpressiveArts Institute San Diego, Kultergallery Amsterdam, Galérie Mekki Mghara Tetouan, Cap Spartel Tangiers Morocco, Pan African creations Bilbao, Blue Coat Liverpool. Marina is a cultural collaborator with the Marta Czok Foundation (Venice and Rome) and part of CREATURE Research Networks (The Centre for Creative Arts, Culture and Engagement) at London Metropolitan University, London, UK.

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