Lorraine Curtis

Title: Sew 1940s 

Using creativity (post-retirement) to make 1940s clothing that indulges my hobby of living history reenactment. 

Location: Lincolnshire, UK 

Creative Experience 

I have always loved sewing, drawing, and crafting. With the exception of a school level qualification in dressmaking I am self-taught. For many years I have been designing and making dance costumes for a dance studio in Hertfordshire, UK. This is something that I did alongside my main employment. It has always given me great pleasure to watch the dancers perform wearing my creations. This is the first time that I am putting myself in the spotlight showcasing the clothing I love making for myself. I love the 1940s. I love the women's fashion of that era; the functionality of women's clothing that was intertwined with glamour. I am excited to have my creations on display in both the real and digital world. I don’t currently have an online presence that showcases my creativity. It is something that I need to explore.

Biography and links 

Lorraine Curtis has been a keen seamstress and crafter since her teens. Dressing in vintage style, 1940s clothing for themed events is one of her passions. Using original vintage patterns and modern reproductions, she makes authentic clothing. Lorraine sources suitable fabrics that have a distinctive 1940’s look. Occasionally she is lucky enough to find vintage fabric. Together with her husband and a group of friends, they enjoy attending many 1940s events across the country. The events are an opportunity to pay tribute to the servicemen and women, reminisce, and feel nostalgic about the era. Since retiring Lorraine has been able to devote more time to sewing and crafting. Whether it's clothing including wedding dresses, patchwork quilts, cushions, designing and making dance costumes for a dance studio, or upholstering furniture Lorraine can turn her hand to it. Since 2013 Lorraine has adopted three dogs. She has made patchwork quilts that have been auctioned to raise funds for the dog charities that her four-legged family members came from.

Exhibition / Gallery