Ismael Kherroubi Garcia FRSA

Title: AI Voices From the Past: Living Their Future 

Examining the history from the medieval era demonstrates that advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) respond to forms of thought and work from centuries ago. Medieval societies already imagined a future where machines were autonomous. The future thinking of the medieval era captured many of our wonders today. What is life? What are machines? Can these machines act for themselves? Ismael Kherroubi Garcia and Julie Samuels have worked collaboratively on this project. 

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada 

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Biography and links 

Ismael is the founder and CEO of Kairoi, the AI Ethics & Research Governance consultancy. Since 2021, Ismael has also led the project An Incomplete History of Research Ethics, which is open for public reuse and contributions. He has been trained in analytic philosophy and recently convened the RSA's Fellow-led AI Interest Group.