Fiona Middleton

Title: Cracks in the culture of complicity 

“For every woman who manages to stand up and say No, there is another harasser who will think twice next time. For every bystander who intervenes, there’s another crack in the culture of complicity” Laura Bates – Everyday Sexism, 2014 Sexism is a pervasive and deeply rooted social issue and continues to persist in varying forms.

Location: Leicestershire, UK 

Creative Experience 

While blatant acts of discrimination garner attention, it is crucial to recognise the prevalence of everday sexism, seemingly harmless and subtle manifestations of gender bias that perpetuates inequality. This work is a personal reflection of instances and experiences of everyday sexism and hopefully a reminder to all that we need to oppose everyday sexism, make cracks in the culture of complicity, and be mindful that sexism, however, benign should not be our norm.

Biography and links 

I am a practicing image maker and work mainly using analogue equipment in medium and large formats, at my happiest in the darkroom. At the age of fifty I decided on a career change and completed a BA in photography at the University of Derby and am now in the process of finishing a Fine Art (Photography) Masters degree. Recent projects have explored issues which face women, menopause, sexism, and sexual violence, however, I also enjoy landscape and have an ongoing, long term project which considers the British and tourism and leisure.

Exhibition / Gallery