Dr. Rachida Marbouh FRSA

Title: Group Influence on Creativity, Costumes of Morocco

The evolution of styles in couture is the reflection of creative production, industrial revolution, and the significant development of the media channels. Cultural costumes in Morocco are influenced by the historic evolution of traditional wardrobe, the emergence of iconic models and through social connectivity. So, I have searched for a new formula for life starting from a creative experience in authentic costume designing. The conclusion of my work in “Rethinking design in couture” is a simple formula or a process that calls for thorough programming, researching the modern changes and developing talents like drawing and painting.

Location: Rabat, Morocco, North Africa

Creative Experience 

While working on this project, I had a great time conceptualizing new ideas and techniques that helped me greatly: First, I started with the idea of enabling a cultural experience where creativity takes place. I was then very happy and enthusiastic to help artisans show their true talents and to get insights into a very old Moroccan industry. Second, studying creativity was a catalyst for imagination. I needed new sketches and old techniques that will gain popularity and that are suited to the materials and techniques that we used. While I was designing my model, I was taken by colors and their effects on the image of the costume, and how shapes and the fluidity of materials will give us a sense of change. This model was designed and inspired by nature, flowers, the importance of fluidity and sheer materials, how they get together with golden embroidery, and how they affect the image of the costume and its historic heritage.

Biography and links 

Rachida Merbouh is a project lead at the ASN, she joined the RSA in 2020 and became an elected RSA fellow. Rachida is a Doctor of Business Administration (Dr BA), a certified Expert in Renewable Energies Finance and a Management specialist. She first met the members of the ASN in 2020 and worked within the ASN projects. The creativity project is her first exhibition.


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