Dawn Mitchell

Title: Creativity Thrives in Commerce 

Creativity can thrive in even the most innocuous of commercial settings. Collaborating with our commercial partner Downs Solicitors we have been developing ideas and a strategy for them to better take ownership of their social and environmental impact on their clients and the wider community. Starting with 300m2 of outdoor space we have begun to transform the listed historic garden back to its former glory alongside collating historical archives of their presence in Dorking and Surrey through the last 190 years, cementing their commitment to Arts, Heritage, and Environment as part of the Better Business Act Initiative. Dawn Mitchell and Rachel Newson have worked collaboratively on this project.

Location: London, UK 

Creative Experience 

As somebody who spends a large percentage of the day designing in pixels and lines of code, it has been refreshing to approach business development from a different creative perspective. The project has allowed me to adopt my artist persona and explore elements of the project in different mediums. Being able to create an environment utilising physical strength, and different tools, and working in different weather conditions using nature as canvas has allowed me to appreciate the elements of discovery and surprise that come part and parcel in garden design. This is in stark contrast to my usual prescriptive design process. Combining a love for heritage and arts, the project has taken many different forms, from the start of the living art installation, through to printmaking, photography, film, and textiles. 

 Biography and links 

Dawn Mitchell is a highly experienced UX designer with a track record of success working with businesses to ensure they make a greater impact online. Dawn was a founder member of ThinkMonkeys.com creating secure digital solutions for Professional services, Retail, and Not-for-profit organisations. She is a keen photographer with a BA Hons degree in Design, Arts, and Media focusing on printmaking and textiles. Dawn also works as an apprentice gardener, currently being mentored by Rachel Newson of Bloom Room Gardens in basic horticultural skills. 



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