Diane Bush

Title: Sew Connected

Working with the West Flamingo Senior Center, Diane and the members embroider hankies, gloves, ties, anything, really, replacing the word SO with SEW. It’s a simple and creative way to play with words, phrases, and artifacts.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Creative Experience

Expressing myself creatively works on many levels. Akin to meditation, or working out, it removes me from the daily pressures and anxieties that plague us all. I do this, knowing that, after 65 years of creative "making", the results are going to be satisfying. This project helped me reconnect with a community of women who normally do not identify as artists, yet spend the majority of their time creating objects that are beautiful and functional. I enjoyed using my fine art background to expand their ideas about how textiles can be used. They were excited about being challenged, being allowed using their imagination, and being able to express themselves, using materials and skills they were already familiar with. This project embraced re-purposing, recycling, sharing, satire, word-play, laughter, personal expression, and Commue-knit-y. Who could ask for more?  

 Biography and links

At 18, Diane Bush immigrated to England during the Vietnam War. After 10 years of perfecting her photography she returned to Buffalo, N.Y. There, Bush earned an M.F.A. from S.U.N.Y. As Photography Chair at Villa Maria College, Bush won awards from Kodak, Polaroid, Nikon, etc. Bush has exhibited / published locally, nationally, and internationally. Her work is in the collection of MOMA and the Tate. After moving to Las Vegas, Bush received numerous grants and an Artists Fellowship from the Nevada Arts Council. Lately, she expanded her practice to include experimental fiber arts, creating temporary public art projects in urban locations around the world. Diane lives in Las Vegas with her husband and cat. Recently retired, Diane is now a full-time artist.



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