Cristina Baysac Norris

Title: Upcycled Elegance: Handcrafted Marvels by Cristala Creations

Step into the world of Cristala Creations, a vibrant creative endeavor spearheaded by the talented Cristina Baysac Norris. Here, you'll discover a captivating array of handmade accessories, bespoke bags, and custom clothing, all meticulously crafted with a fusion of contemporary fashion and Cristina's cherished Filipino heritage. Within this tapestry of creativity, Cristina's design prowess, love for upcycling, and fashion-forward vision converge in a symphony of style. Each piece is inspired by instinct, the world around her, or blending cultural richness with a modern aesthetic, offering a truly unique and inspired collection. 

But that's not all. Behind the scenes, steering the digital presence of Cristala Creations is Cristina's husband, Sven. He is curating an online experience that mirrors the spirit and artistry of Cristala Creations. Together, Cristina and Sven embark on this exhilarating journey, where passion meets craftsmanship, and tradition dances with innovation. Join them in celebrating creativity that knows no bounds, as Cristala Creations invites you to adorn yourself in a tapestry of culture and style.

Location: Philippines; Singapore; Malta 

Creative Experience 

Cristina Baysac Norris stated: “When I was young, my mother taught me the basics of sewing. It wasn’t until a few years' ago that I started to experiment. I was involved with some pageants in Singapore where I created a few costumes and wearables for some other participants. Most of what I create is experimental and intuitive or inspired by things I see around me. I am, of course, also influenced by my heritage and I am increasingly trying to incorporate aspects of Filipino culture into my creations.” 

Sven J Norris stated: “When I first met Cristina, I was soon made aware of her creative tendencies when an old pair of my jeans disappeared and re-emerged on one of our early dates as a handbag. Since then I have been trying to encourage Cristina to nurture this particular skill which I later learned could be categorised under ‘upcycling’.

Biography and links

Cristina Baysac Norris

In her free time, Cristina enjoys creating and experimenting with her sewing machine and creating upcycled bags, accessories, and wearables. She hopes to nurture this hobby into a venture where people can enjoy her creations.

Sven J Norris

Sven has worked in the design industry since 2000 at various companies and agencies as well as independently, working in the fields of 3D visualization, web development, print, and UI/UX. In addition, he has also accumulated 17 years in higher education, most recently as a member of the faculty for 15 years at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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