21st March 2024 - A window into the future of technology – what you need to know


11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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While we cannot see the future we can look at the trends, innovations and products major tech companies are bringing to market in 2024. The Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest technology show in the world and is seen as the bellwether for the new technologies we will have in our homes, work and social spaces in the now, near, and distant futures. 

We are reading the signals from CES to reveal the major themes; the ones that we think will have an impact on all our lives. 

  • Connection and connectedness for aging, health and being human. 
  • Energy generation and conservation. 
  • The continued digitization of the real world for entertainment, industrial applications and living better. 

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Join us for a view into the world that is coming to see what looks useful, pointless and dangerous, and the signals from the further future that should not be ignored.

Register in advance


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