15th February 2024 - The Creative Experience In Extended Reality

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Combining a VR gallery with an IRL exhibition at RSA House, London, Zoe Camper FRSA, and Julie Samuels FRSA created the first hybrid art exhibition for UK and international RSA Fellows.

Zoe Camper FRSA and Julie Samuels FRSA (Augmented Society Network) spent a year planning and developing a group creative experience exhibition. The goal was to showcase the importance of creativity in all walks of life. The exhibition went live on the 1st November in-real- life(IRL) in London, in virtual reality, online, and in print. It was an amazing endeavor. They learned so much about people, their attitudes to using technology, and how to tell a great story to an audience spread across the world using multiple real and virtual platforms. The IRL exhibition was hosted by The Royal Society of Art, at RSA House just off Trafalgar Square in London. This was a rare opportunity for the contributors to show their work in central London at a hugely prestigious location.  The Virtual Reality galleries were sponsored and supported by PCM Immersive Staged Productions, and Eva Pascoe from Cybersalon and in her role as London RSA Fellowship Council Representative. 

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Zoe and Julie managed the year-long project, recruiting and managing contributors, curating work, populating the galleries, whilst also producing online content, guided tours, video interviews and a fully designed and printed exhibition guide. The 26 contributors included writers, activists, artists, teachers, futurists, planners, makers, and thinkers, and they all had one thing in common, they understood the importance of using creativity as a core tool in their daily lives and working practices. They were from North and South America, UK and Europe,  Africa and Asia, all working in different fields and practices making an extended reality experience the ideal platform to showcase their creativity.

If you are wondering what this all felt like, how to do it yourself, or just how to get something complicated and new done,  join ‘The Creative Experience In Extended Reality Review’ Augmented Society Network Zoom session on the 15th February. 

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You will learn

  • How the project started
  • The importance of creativity
  • Peoples attitudes to XR experiences
  • The barriers and opportunities when producing complicated extended reality experiences
  • And how to never give up 
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