July 20, 2023 - Generative AI creating new realities

  11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Bill Gates has stated that he has “been thinking a lot about how AI can reduce some of the world’s worst inequities''. Is AI the solution to these inequities or will it be the cause of further inequities?

There is a lot of news and discussion around Artificial Intelligence currently. Is it because it hasn’t arrived, in our lives, in the form of a sentient robot, as illustrated in countless sci-fi films? Instead, it has arrived in a more immediate and potentially destructive form. In its current guise, AI has taken one that could cause political mayhem; making us question what we know is truth based upon the narratives AI constructs. Generative AI has turned reality on its head. 

This form of AI is very much out of the bottle and impossible to force back in by any government or country. With the imminent risk of AI falling into the wrong hands, what are we going to do? As technology continues to evolve in ways that we have not yet envisioned, we have to be careful what we wish for and factor in the unimaginable consequences.

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  • The Role of generative AI in society
  • The impact of AI in our daily life now
  • Living in a so-called ‘post-fact’ world 
  • Fact vs truth - knowing the difference 
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