15th June 2023 - Project Discovery Session - ASN Creativity Project (Everyone welcome)

 11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Come to this project discovery session to meet some of the people involved, and see if you can benefit, from a little more creativity in your life.

It's a simple ask, to do something creative with someone you know, a group of people, someone you work with, or with someone in a different life situation to you. 

Plan a simple creative activity, do it, and then record the outcome. It might be a picture you draw, it might be something you write, or something you test using a different or more creative approach. This is for artists, manual workers, adolescents, scientists, researchers, teachers, office workers, thinkers, everyone can do it.

The output might be photographs, drawings, paintings, diagrams, algorithms, formulas, video, poems, tapestries, spoken word, dance, physical performance, a party, etc..... Whatever suits your 'creativity experiment'.

The purpose is to experience a little bit more creativity in your life.

The Deadline for artifacts is 31st August. Some of the artifacts will be displayed at an exhibition online and in London in November 2023.

The project explores the different ways creativity drives innovation, science and manufacturing; how it could provide solutions to world problems; and help us to adapt to change.

We invite you to join us on the ASN creative journey (digital and real world), a place where art, science and manufacturing collaborate to drive positive change. We work through the lens of lived experience that forms, informs and cultivates positive connections between people, place and community (local and global). Whether you work or play in the arts, science or manufacturing this project is for you.

Check out the Project website to see some of the larger projects that are already underway.

Session detail

·  Meet some of the artists, thinkers, and participants

·  Find out if you would like to take part 

·  How can we use creativity to create positive change in the world? 

·  How can we use creativity to raise awareness of /solve world problem? 

Contact us directly on augmentedsocietynetwork@gmail.com

Register in advance

 Session detail 

  • 30 mins - Participants talk about their projects
  • 20 mins - Q&A 
  • 10 mins - How to get involved in the 'Creativity offers us a new formula for life Project'

Register in advance




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