19th May - Creativity offers us a new formula for life (continued)

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Join us to continue shaping the Creativity offers us a new formula for life project. This session follows on from last months introduction.

The project provides the opportunity to rethink the importance of creativity by eliciting on our individual creative experiences & through learning from others. This project will bring the diverse expression of creativity together in one simultaneous online event & exhibition. Having worked on a previous project that stretched across five continents, we will be using the same framework & network of people to explore & create in depth examples of the lived experience of lives enriched by creativity. Individuals will be encouraged to create diaries, stories, interactive online & real world creative experiences based on what is important to them, how they use creativity to make a difference to themselves, society & their community. The true value of creativity will be demonstrated via a showcase of the diverse responses that we collate.

The interactive stories and experiences will come together as a simultaneous live online & real world event. The interactive event will be recorded, the physical artefacts will be collected & recorded in a concertina-style book that will be displayed at RSA House and exhibition also at RSA House. 

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 Join us to continue discussing: 

  • Shaping the project  
  • Reevaluating creativity and its role in our lives 
  • Considering purpose and stakeholders
  • Next steps

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