18th November 2021 ASN:Discussion - Climate Acceleration - Can't Stop, Won't Stop?


 18th November, 2021 11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK 

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We’ve entered an era where – regardless of which side one takes on humanity’s responsibility for climate change – Mother Nature seems intent on delivering record-breaking climate extremes each successive season that lead to economic instability and devastating loss of life. Government Leaders and Heads of Industry promise changes they are committing to (or not) then attempt to roll them out within reasonable timeframes (or not) and seek to allay the most damaging fallout (or not). But when so many of our economies are reliant on practices that run counter to the marketing and/or the science, what are we to do?

It seemingly comes down to the momentum created in our timelines that have gotten us to this point in our economies and our ecologies. If everything is evolving within faster cycles than ever before, are we able to shift quickly enough to keep pace in our actions? It seemingly took forever for us to divide recyclables from trash and now we’re realizing that costs prohibit “us” from treating recyclables appropriately – if at all. Trillions of dollars are being funneled into transportation forms in the hopes of offsetting carbon footprints, but preferences and priorities are causing alterations in the “To-Market” timeline. Catastrophes are throwing our best-guess event horizons into question at an alarming rate.

All is not lost, but how many more wildfires, mudslides, heatwaves, flooding, cold spells or non-stop hurricane seasons can we take before the societal dam bursts? There are pathways and solutions to venturing beyond carbon neutral and backfilling the environmental loss in order to actually be environment positive. Let’s dig into some of those ways and the considerations we all can make to offset our human nature and actually fortify nature and our human place within it.

Join us to discuss: 

  • Forms of battling the causes of climate and environmental breakdown – remembering that technology is NOT always the answer…
  • Frontiers of development and institutional activity that could lead to real impact and societal adoption.
  • Connections we might have never made before that are borne from our conversations during the session.

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