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ASN:Podcast- Time To Escape (49 Mins)

     We’ve resorted to software, Apps, gaming consoles and streaming to get us through the days, and what have we learned? Prognostications on our future have come into immediate play in our social interactions with a clearer understanding of what society can take and what it can leave behind. Perhaps the escapist activities of Sci-fi movies like TOTAL RECALL , READY PLAYER ONE  and SLEEPER do provide a true panacea…or not.  Whether a virtual jaunt around the world or interactive gameplay of a new kind, “getting out of Dodge” has become a bit clearer.

ASN: Podcast - A Collaborative Reimaging of Learning (60 mins)

  Educators, technologists, entrepreneurs and visionaries from five continents came together to write, edit, and discuss learning in its current form, the impact on it of the pandemic, and dreams for the future.  Join us to hear about the group’s collaboratively produced paper, perhaps the world’s first ‘Open Source’ Blueprint for the future of learning.  Also discover how you can get involved in Augmented Society Network collaborations in 2021.