ASN:Discussion - Drive To Inclusion

17th June, 2021 11am LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Considering the systems, technologies and movements that - even with good intentions – often lead to exclusion, what is on the horizon to strengthen inclusion, access and unlocked benefits? 

We’ve already gone down the rabbit hole in looking at presently-existing limitations on empathy within Artificial Intelligence, bias support within algorithms and the intimately exclusionary practices woven into our societal fabric and institutions. There must be technical and societal solutions that remove bias or walls cutting members of society off from equal outcomes. 

 The pathway to becoming a Clumsy Samaritan - wherein trying to solve one challenge, some other softer or even more critical goals are sacrificed unintentionally - has been pioneered far too often. Even if we can collectively swing the pendulum from the prevailing extremes to a new paradigm of equality, is it possible to do so without kicking off a zero-sum game?

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Join us to discuss 

  • Technologies and practices that are being developed and launched to activate unfettered inclusion among people of color, the financially unstable, geo-diverse peoples and the multitude of groupings of those undeserved.
  • Deeper awareness of our subconscious blockages to success in building a more accessible, inclusive and uplifting world.
  • Positive outcomes we’ve already witnessed through movements, systems and technologies in this space.


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