ASN:Discussion - Exploring Digital Consciousness

 20th May, 2021 11am LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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Following announcements and conversations on the veracity of technologies for unlocking a higher consciousness – both organic and artificial – dive into a discussion on digital extensions of spirituality, higher forms of thinking, esoteric endeavors and, perhaps, even the afterlife. 

There’s been a number of businesses touting the use of AI, XR and more in order to attain certain forms of consciousness. More recently, we've witnessed a fair mix of wonder, disdain and fear as entities are animating old photographs of people long gone utilizing “Deep Fake” AI technologies. 

Are we opening a Pandora’s Box or providing a true path to deeper understanding by way of advanced technologies?

Register in advance for this Event

Join us to discuss 

  • Examples of how technology is already bridging the gap to higher consciousness. 
  • How we could be thinking about the ethics surrounding such practices
  • What are we really aiming for in terms of higher consciousness in the first place?
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