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ASN:Podcast Resourcing Change - PART TWO

Podcast hosted by: Zoe Camper FRSA and Jonathan Tavssberger FRSA (52 mins)  Listen to our February ASN:Podcast Is thinking differently all we need, to do better in times of crisis?  What did we learn about strengths and weaknesses from our ordeals, and how should we, and will we, adapt and change?  How we can build community and business resilience amidst changing patterns and availability.  What technology, The Internet of Things(IoT), Blockchain, and others are bringing to the conversation.  

ASN:Discussion - Time To Escape

  15th April, 2021 11am LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK Register in advance for this Event So… Life is challenging with global political turmoil, lack of clarity, revolving lockdowns and much more. How do we get a breath of fresh air amid Joy, dissolution, triumph, and the totally unexpected?  We’ve resorted to software, Apps, gaming consoles and streaming to get us through the days, and what have we learned? Prognostications on our future have come into immediate play in our social interactions with a clearer understanding of what society can take and what it can leave behind. Perhaps the escapist activities of Sci-fi movies like TOTAL RECALL , READY PLAYER ONE  and SLEEPER do provide a true panacea…or not.  Whether a virtual jaunt around the world or interactive gameplay of a new kind, “getting out of Dodge” has become a bit clearer. Register in advance for this Event Join us to discuss  Societies movement into remote/digital escapism.  Enlightened views on the trajectory of tastes

ASN:Discussion - Exploring Digital Consciousness

 20th May, 2021 11am LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK Register in advance for this Event Following announcements and conversations on the veracity of technologies for unlocking a higher consciousness – both organic and artificial – dive into a discussion on digital extensions of spirituality, higher forms of thinking, esoteric endeavors and, perhaps, even the afterlife.  There’s been a number of businesses touting the use of AI, XR and more in order to attain certain forms of consciousness. More recently, we've witnessed a fair mix of wonder, disdain and fear as entities are animating old photographs of people long gone utilizing “Deep Fake” AI technologies.  Are we opening a Pandora’s Box or providing a true path to deeper understanding by way of advanced technologies? Register in advance for this Event Join us to discuss  Examples of how technology is already bridging the gap to higher consciousness.  How we could be thinking about the ethics surrounding such practices What are we really ai