ASN:Podcast Greta V Gates – Can Environment and Technology Co-Exist?

Podcast hosted by: Jonathan Tavss FRSA and Zoe Camper FRSA (44 mins)

While the battle participants referenced above merely form a playful event title, there’s nothing playful about the impacts of our two largest driving concerns in the 21st Century. Greta Thunberg comes by way of environment to influence technology/society and Bill Gates made his fortune in technology yet is attempting to enhance environment and society through the Gates Foundation – with the long term effects by both still very much in question. When technology development calls for constant iteration and “throw-away” elements can technology and the environment ever truly live in harmony?

Listen to our February ASN:Podcast
  • Where doing “good” fits in relation to technology and our planet.
  • Examples of breakthroughs where technology and the environment is not a zero-sum endeavor.
  • Opportunities where the ASN might take a worthwhile position in driving awareness and a positive turn so that technology and the environment are no longer two opposing sides of a coin.
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