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Event: The Future According to Us: Workforce

22nd August, 2019 11:00 AM – 12 noon PST Please join us for an ASN: Discussion Are you interested in provocative and exciting exploration? Join us to communally explore some ideas on possible futures - no vision is too far “out there”! What is going to play the largest role in our future workforce? Artificial Intelligence? Neural Lace? Genetic Predetermination? Global Warming?  All of the Above, or something else entirely? Come get the juices flowing as we poke and prod what future society has in store for us. Zoom meeting: Join us to discuss:  How technology will affect the workforce in the long-term future Is disruption a strong enough word for what is to come Should you learn anything new or just learn how to learn What makes a new collar worker different from you If you’re interested, we’ve begun the posting of ASN interviews to learn more about the members. ASN:People interview with Philippa Mothersill and Zoe Camper (34 m