21st September 2023 - Waiting for technology to solve the weather

11AM LA / 2PM NY / 7PM UK

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 "I feel like I am waiting for technology to save us, it is too big a problem for me to accept. The world is heating to a point where society will eventually break down, life will resemble all the doom laden Sci-Fi films I have ever seen, and I will most certainly be on the outside of the Dome. I’m waiting for AI to kill me, and fusion to save me, and I am waiting. I am not sure I am in anyway enfranchised." - Concerned observer.

What exactly are we waiting for? Fusion, CO2 sponges, a miracle? Are we yet again putting all our hopes on technology when the difficult answer is that we all have to make sacrifices and the relentless pursuit of money and riches must not be the motivator we all live by? Nationalism will make it hard for countries to cooperate, big business is green washing, and we are living in hope in a world that needs science and technology more than ever. 

So what is on the horizon in the tech world, what is being done on a human level, and where will you and your family be in 20-30 years’ time?

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