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Event: Augmented Society Network – What are you working on?

20th June, 2019 11:00 AM – 12 noon PST Please join us for an ASN:Discussion We’re getting to know each other and would love to know what you are working on. What’s keeping you engaged in the exploration of our future capabilities? Got anything going that will tease us in relation to being beaten at a game by a machine? Are you having some fun doing things like running the Mueller Report through Watson discovery? Are you theorizing on future augmentation in any form? Or are you just interested in hearing from others? Then join us for a ‘show and tell’, let us learn more about you, what projects you are working or what a good day at work looks like. Zoom meeting: Join us to discuss Your projects and the things that matter to you The value of understanding each other’s motivations Project work underway or planned General updates on ASNetwork activity If you’re interested, we’ve begun the posting of ASN interviews to learn more about t

ASN:People - Joe Glaser and Jonathan Tavss (32 mins)

ASN:People interview with Joe Glaser and Jonathan Tavss (32 mins) In our second interview we learn more about ASN co-founder Jonathan Tavss .  The chain of interviews is growing and will shine a light on our motivations, passions and areas of expertise. Join us and either be interviewed or offer to interview someone you admire.